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Dive into the world of creation, and pre-order GAIA.


Gaia is the inaugural fragrance in the Empyrean Parfums collection, inspired by the creation story of Gaia, the Earth, and her children. The fragrance presents a unique perspective, told from the first person as we interact with the warring creations of Prometheus.


It is a unisex scent combining the essence of:

Head: Crisp Apple of Eden, sharp Calabrian Bergamot, sweet Forest Berry

Heart: Fresh Turkish Rose, intoxicating Egyptian Jasmine,

Base: Creamy Vanille, smooth Santal

Pay $100 today, Get an Exclusive Gift
Pay the rest at Launch

Pre-order the inaugural fragrance of Empyrean Parfums, ΓAIA and recieve a gift of a coffee table Haiku Book. The Empyrean Parfums: Haiku of Creation coffee table piece is a magnificent way to learn about the inspiration behind the Empyrean Parfums, ΓAIA, and the other fragrances to come in the line. It resonated with many of the top perfumers in the industry such as Saskia Wilson-Brown, Terry Carter, and Christophe Laudamiel and is a direct reinterpretation of Ethan Turner's mind through AI Generated images.

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