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.exe I might have done something while installing them (Photo, 1088x567) @The_LoudSpeaker, My contact with MS on "instmank.exe" is that it is not an official MS product and to use it you have to register it. I think I will have to go back to windows then. Also I just tried to open the second part of the install file. It wants gedit. Any suggestion? Or another editor. I would try to use the tools from that ppa and try them @acheronuk, Not sure how to use these tools. I don't know what's the difference between "kdesu kate " and "./instmank.exe " @The_LoudSpeaker, Only differnce is that the latter would run the installer as you, with root privs @acheronuk, Yeah. I tried that. It says "instmank.exe needs to be run as a root user." When I try to open it as user. @The_LoudSpeaker, Then run it as root I guess, but be careful! @The_LoudSpeaker,




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Zawgyi Font For Windows 7 32bit Free Downloadinstmank

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